Jump Around!

Pack it up, pack it in, Let me begin...

We have a broad range of different inflatables to choose from, including castles, games, slides and assault courses. There is sure to be something for every party in our large collection.

Do you have a child or sibling with a birthday coming up? Are you looking for a way to make the day extra fun for the kids? Well everybody knows that kids go crazy over bouncy castles. We all have childhood memories of being invited to a party and seeing a big inflatable castle and lots of friends jumping around and giggling. Don't you want to see your children have the same amount of fun you had?

We hire out absolutely fabulous bouncy castles, all of which are colourful and well cared for. There is a castle for every single party, whether it is young children or adults. In fact we have a special selection solely for adult parties, with options including large 20ft x 20ft castles, gladiator jousting and giant boxing. Let your inner teenager come out by adding inflatables to your celebration.

A Bouncy Castle for Every Occasion.

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